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Logo: OCD Recovery Center

Master OCD Recovery Plan

By Dr. Christian R. Komor
OCD Recovery Center



  1. Exposure and Response Prevention

    • Intensity - keeping anxiety levels between the SUB levels of 25-75

    • Saturation - making the exposure constantly present in the patient's environment

    • Duration - holding the exposure for as long as it takes to habituate

    • Neutralization - making sure the patient does not "undue" the exposure with rituals or compulsions. (Sometimes patients have been known to "hold out" for weeks or months before performing a compulsion or ritual to "make it better" and thus neutralize the ERP work!)

  2. Perspective, Concepts and Cognitive Therapy

  3. Self-Care Practices and Procedures

  4. Supportive Resources and Augmentation Agents

  5. Emergency Plan

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