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Logo: OCD Recovery Center

Looking For A Partner in the Fight of Your Life?

The OCD Recovery Center, a scientific corporation, provides specially-designed individual and family psychotherapy programs for the treatment of a wide range of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders including the following:

Developed by a psychologist with OCD, all of our recovery programs utilize exposure and response prevention behavior therapy as well as fourteen other elements forming our unique Sixteen Keys to Recovery approach.

The OCD Recovery Center offers one of the most innovative and comprehensive treatment programs in United States. Our offerings include an Intensive Outpatient Program, a Worldwide Housecall Program, monthly nationwide seminars, books, manuals and audiotapes, and telephone and videoconferencing services.

At the OCD Recovery Center we are attentive to the inner suffering and struggle that persons with OC Sprectrum Disorders experience. We are also aware that obsessions and compulsions are not the only manifestations of OCD.

A person with an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders often will think differently and approach life differently than someone without this form of neurobiological disorder. These differences can create ongoing depression, life stress, conflict in relationships, and blocks to spiritual, personal, and career growth. At the OCD Recovery Center we have developed specialized interventions to assist individuals with these essential lifestyle issues.

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