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The Center for Work Addiction Recovery

Feedback from Clients & Seminar Participants

Our clients and past seminar participants are raving about how The Power of Being Seminars have changed their lives! Here's what a few participants have to say:

"Absolutely excellent -- presenter was a very good example of what he was presenting. He lived his message. Perhaps the best seminar I have attended in 8 years!"

"Really enjoyed the seminar, especially the 7 basic principles and how to apply them. Really valuable and provides good direction on how to be."

"Excellent, very informative, helpful, nice speaker, very real and down to earth."

"Just what I needed. A nice break to learn many reasons for stress how to handle stress."

"Very personal and I valued his examples from his own practice experience. Most gentle presentation. It made all the difference. Thanks!"

"With today's fast paced world one forgets about personal needs and self-worth. This seminar gives you the tools necessary to focus in on yourself mentally and physically."

"The give and take was great. The pace was relaxing. A renewing kind of day - thanks!"

"I found the experience more meaningful and believable because Dr. Komor really seems to live what he teaches. I do not consider myself a compulsive doer, but much of what he talks about could improve any life. I would highly recommend this seminar for everyone."

"One of the most useful workshops I've ever attended."

"A paradoxical experience: quite philosophical/spiritual, but will be certain to have a significant impact on my work/nonwork life."

"Dr. Komor was excellent in his presentation; incorporating exercises for the group to help demonstrate his materials in an instructive and entertaining manner."

"The exercises remind me that I'm a creative person. Creativity is integral to my job, but it's easy for me to become so wrapped up in function that I forget where the skills originate. On the first break during the seminar I called in to check with the office. At lunch, I went there. At the second break, after the exercise, I found the piano and listened and felt and enjoyed."

"I learned some things about myself that surprise me. I did not see myself as a workaholic. The workshop helped me identify ways I keep myself from living my life fully. Provided a hands-on way to make changes. I know that when I'm doing my own work I can best help my clients by doing this."

"Chris is a centered, earnest, distilled speaker whose message is clear, practical and simple."

"I think that being able to stay internally focused instead of letting external focuses control my feelings and thoughts and sense of accomplishment is difficult to maintain. This type of workshop helps me keep things focused. Thank you."

"Well organized and committed."

"I appreciated the time, energy, modeling and experiential models that went into developing and presenting this material. The material is usable and practical."

"Terrific! Practices what he preaches!"

"Does inspire people to get "centered" and relaxed. I wasn't exhausted by 3 p.m. like usual."

"Thank you so much! I never read a book that helped me so much. I have attended therapy groups, but this more than anything has helped me in my life!"

"Great interaction."

"Superior presentation! Thoughtful. Really liked the afternoon exercises. I plan to give a minor presentation for coworkers."

"Thank you for a great workshop. I really enjoyed myself, which surprised me. Chris has so much to share!"

"Dr. Komor's work helped me to understand the craziness I felt, but couldn't define. No book has helped me more powerfully and positively than this one."

"Chris was a calm and energizing speaker. The workshop design was good - a balance of listening and practical exercises. I work primarily with senior executives and learned things I can use with them immediately."

"The [seminar] has been a tremendous help to me in 'recovering' from compulsive doing. I want to tell you how much I enjoyed (and learned from) your speaking. Thanks for helping me get me back."

"I started feeling more in touch with myself and how my days are spent. That my self-being is important to my health and happiness."

"I read the book first and the seminar was still very interesting. I hope I can put these techniques to work. Dr. Komor is a very good presenter."

"Positive, insightful... Fresh perspectives."

"Very positive look at our inner selves and an opportunity to review our "shoulds" and "want to's" not only at home but at the workplace. I felt the class helped me to focus on some of my weaknesses and presented ways for me to implement changes/direction in my life."

"I enjoyed the seminar very much. Dr. Komor was an excellent presenter. This seminar was very valuable to me because I have been practicing the "Power of Being Me" for the past several months, and found his tips and information to be very helpful! am a "classic" example of high stress (headaches, depression) and have learned new ways to deal with this problem."

"They say 'Education is something that can never be taken away.' Knowing ones' self is a higher priority and is something some people never found and some people may have lost. Your seminar is a wonderful eye opener with great insight and exercises to help people find their being."

"Exactly what I needed to hear right now! Very worthwhile. Universal principles I believe in, it was beautiful to hear them in a new format. The facilitator was very effective and calming. Excellent!"

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